Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crafty Items

 Well, Broc has been gone since Sunday. I decided this week that I would work on some crafts I had in mind from Pintrest. Can I just say that I think very crafty in my mind...
When it comes to actually doing it...I'm not so great. 
But, I gave it a shot. Here are my wonderful-dealwith creations. 
Here is what I wanted to make for Lexi's room.  

So, I headed to the DI to pick out a frame. 
I removed the glass
Painted the frame white
Painted the frame pink  (a few layers)
 I then added 2 hooks in the bottom of the frame. I wanted to add more like in the picture..but those things were HARD to screw in! So, I settled with two! 
Then I added some pink ribbon. I tried my best to space them evenly! I think I did okay!
Plus, there will be tons of cute hair bows on them! :)
Hey, it will do! Now I just need to go buy a bunch of hair bows and hang it on the wall!
 Next project! I found this really great tutorial to make your own chalk board paint! Here is how it looks..
So, I added everything together like it says. 
I decided to do pink and turquoise.
The paint was very thick-mostly because you add un sanded grout to it.
 After it dried..I tried to write on it. 
Yea right. I did something wrong! Now I have a big chalk stain on it that wont come off.
I didn't want to throw it away so I figured I would add some numbers to it to make it a little puzzle for when she is older. 
 Besides the 2 chalk stains it turned out pretty cute I think.
Plus, I'm sure it will be torn up and lost in a year anyway :)
 I have one more project in mind! I will start on that one tomorrow-after I go shopping of course! Tomorrow is double stamp day at kid to kid...So I will be loading up on some good items for the baby! SPEAKING OF THE BABY! Broc and I were thinking that I was going to be a little pregnant lady because we were both small babies and I wasn't showing too much. Well, some women just pop. I haven't had my MAJOR pop out yet, but I think in the next 2 weeks it will come. This shirt fit pretty well last time I wore it..

Then to end this post, just a cute little photo of my Tito!

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  1. Super cute! Good job being crafty. Enjoy all the time you have to do that before you have a baby! :) Okay, I still get crafting in, just much more slowly... And, you look great! Your belly is still so small! I feel like I am ginormous in comparison...but I guess this is my third baby and I am 6 weeks further along. :)