Thursday, February 27, 2014

Baby Maya 25 weeks

Well, over half way there! I was telling Broc that next time I go into my doctor I will be in my third trimester! That's just crazy! Then again I will still have 12 weeks but it's the home stretch. The second trimester is so good. You're over all pretty happy! I still don't feel pregnant most of the time. I am getting kicked the majority of the day, but still don't feel as I look the part! Yesterday I was wearing just a tee shirt and you seriously couldn't even see my belly! I promise I'm not just fat! I won't say how much weight I've gained, but it's less than 20 and more than 12 pounds. So there! I really do need to start eating better and working out. I'm just the laziest person on planet earth. I figure I will do all that post baby... Right? 
Well, I still crave Mountain Dew basically 24/7 which makes me nervous... Here is why. 
Brocs mom craved Mountain Dew with her last kid, Skye. He is the only one that is "red headed" although it is very light and more strawberry... She still craved it and we now tease him for his hair . Oh and he was a summer baby just like Lexi.. And Maya! Karma got is back though and gave us a red headed child. So I'm curious if the Mountain Dew plus the Jenkins jeans causes red hair!
Highly doubt it, but it's a fun thought. 
There is some red on my side though. 
Lately I've NEEDED to have something sweet in my house. Last week I bought a pack of Oreos... Well those are gone. 
Candy? Gone 
And it hard to keep it in the house because Broc has been working out and trying to eat better, so I've been trying to do it with him but I can't control my self! 
I do use pregnancy as an excuse way to much, but why not right?

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