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Each year Broc's family does a news letter with the whole extended family. So I thought for my recap of the year,
 (yes I know its Febuary and NO I don't care)
I would be so creative and copy/paste our section of the letter.
And if that isn't lazy enough, I didn't even rearrange the photos on here in order of the year. Wow that is lazy! So here you go! 

It’s time for this again? Where does the year go? We had a great year, and it was such a blessing to watch our first little girl grow up! She learned to sit up, crawl, walk, talk, run, and so much more this last year! Let’s start off with Broc. 
Broc is still working for Wilson Electronics. He was really blessed to find such a good job. He loves to travel with his work and all the benefits that come with that. Such as great food and friends. In 2013 he traveled to Las Vegas, Miami, California, Montana, Dallas, Tennessee,  Chicago, and Colorado! To bad we didn’t build up any air miles with all that flying! Broc is now the Machine to Machine(M2M) Business Developer. He is still moving up in his company, and seems to  meet just the right people. Through out the year Broc was looking in to schools to finish out his degree. We are still searching for the right program and wondering how it will be paid for! We know that there will be a way. Broc also plays some sports through out the year. His work has a company softball team. They play in Summer and late fall. Broc didn’t play much in the fall because he seemed to get a new injury every other week. Most of them came from church ball. This year he managed to hurt his right and left knee, both ankles, and we found out that he has a sesamoid bone fracture that has healed but still causes him pain most of the time. So, hopefully this year he doesn’t fall all the way apart on us. In March Broc turned 25! I guess the great thing about this age is that he can rent a car! It comes in handy with work trips. For Broc’s birthday we went to a Jazz game again the Brooklyn Nets. Thanks  Williams family for watching Lexi for us! We love going to the Jazz games. 

I (Ashley) spends most of her days chasing a toddler around. At the beginning of 2013, I was working in an assisted living a few hours a week. I enjoyed working there most of the time. It wasn’t hard work. The hardest was being away from Lexi. After working there for about four months, Broc and I both decided that it would be better if I quit and I was okay with that. After all, it was only about 8 hours a week. Most of my year consisted of teaching and raising Lexi. I really enjoy being a stay at home mom and I am so grateful for Broc for working so hard so I am able to do so. Sometimes I still go crazy, but I have learned that Lexi needs me at home. Most of my days consist of Breakfast, Dora the Explorer, shower, Lexi’s bath, lunch, nap time, laundry, dishes, dinner, and bed time. It still amazes me that such a little child can make such a mess! In May, Brittany and her family moved back to St George and we spent most of our summer with them. They moved down right before Mothers day weekend. We celebrated our THRID wedding anniversary with a night away. Well, okay we dropped Lexi off with Ross and Kiera came back to our house with movies and blew up the air mattress in the living room. It was perfect. In June, I turned 22. We went to dinner with the family and then played some games.  Summer was good to us. It was fun to spend the days with Chloe, Madden, and Brittany. We spend a lot of days at the pool and splash pads. In July, Lexi and I headed to my home in Kentucky to spend time with my family. We spent about two weeks there and Lexi was spoiled. She decided to start walking right before our trip. I was thrilled that my parents could see her walking around. We spent our time with family and playing in the kiddie pool. Lexi loved being spoiled. Once we returned from our trip, I was offered a job at my previous job that I had before Lexi. I decided to take it since it was an on call position at The St George Clinic. (Medical Assistant)
Brittany and I had a sweet deal going between trading off on baby sitting. About the time I started work in August, I started watching Madden and Chloe a few times a week. Lexi loves spending time with her cousins. She has really become best friends with them and cries every time we have to leave them. She even knows when we pull up to their house. I have caught her saying Chloe a few times!  At the end of August, we celebrated Lexi’s first birthday! We had a little party at our house and had a blast. Lexi loved getting presents and cake. Over the next few months were were still enjoying the nice weather. In late September, we got a little surprise that were were expecting BABY # 2!
It was a shock! Now that the shock has worn off we are so excited! We found out that we are having another little girl! Maya is due June.10.2014
We are thrilled now of course!  For Halloween, we went Trick or Treating with The Hesch clan. Lexi didn’t really know what was going on, but she loved the attention, her candy, and her tutu that she was able to wear. Lexi was a kitten for Halloween. It was so much fun this year for her, and I know she will enjoy it more next year. For Thanksgiving, we stayed home with Broc’s family and hung out at his parents. Kiera cooked some great food! At the beginning of December, Broc and I took of for a mini vacation and headed to a Utah Jazz game. We spent a snowy cold weekend in Salt Lake. It was a ton of fun! Jazz ended up losing, but it did go into over time so it was a close game! We also spent Christmas with Broc’s family. Christmas was a blast with Lexi! She loves all the things that Santa brought her. Grandma and Grandpa spoiled the kids and bought them little four wheelers! We spent most of the chilly morning outside riding them around! Thanks guys! We have to hide it from Lexi so she doesn’t put dents in our wall. 

Lexi is learning so much! As of January her favorite things to do include:
-Playing with Madden and Chloe
-Watching Dora The Explorer
-Taking baths
-Playing with Tito
-Eating candy
-Playing outside
-Playing with Grandma and Grandpa
-Sitting on Coco
-Cuddling with mom and dad
Lexi is talking more and more every day. Some of her most used words are:
-Tito, bye, hi, no , Dora, Daddy, Mommy, wow, Papa, and go. 
She is slowing putting more words together. Tito and Lexi have become great friends. Each day after her nap he runs up to her room and waits as I open the door. Then he greets her with kisses. Lexi loves giving kisses and blowing them. She is climbing all over the place, loves to wear shoes, necklaces, bracelets, and her cat ear. She knows the sounds of a dog, cat, lion, and cow. I am looking forward to this next year of teaching her more! That pretty much sums up our year! You can check our blog for more frequent up dates! 

(Lexi's birthday)

 The HOT 4th of July

 Splash Pad

 Trick or Treat!

 Corn Maze

 Jazz Game!

 Date night!

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