Thursday, March 20, 2014

Jenkins Update

Well, the kitchen floor is drying and the baby is sleeping so I figured I would do a quick catch up.
Not many people know, but about 2 and a half weeks ago Broc and I decided to put our home on the market to sell. We had been discussing this option since early winter and finally decided with the baby coming was time!
We bought this home 2.5 years ago. At first we planned on spending about 5-10 years here. 
10 years?! We love this home, don't get me wrong but it's amazing how fast you can out grow it. We just need something a little different for our family.
A yard
A garage
NO loud neighbors who run up and down the stairs all day
I want to be able to  leave my windows open with out smoke coming through from the same neighbor...
And a ton of other reasons, but those are a few. We actually already have an offer on our home and if all goes well we will have everything finished by April 10th. Who knows where we will be going then. We have thought about buying and renting. I think we will end up renting for now and save up more money for our dream/ideal home where we want to raise our family. 

Lexi is growing like a weed. Is is almost 19 months. It's amazing what she learns in just a few weeks. 
She has the cutest little smile and it's to die for. 

 About two weeks ago we both battled some sickness. Lexi had an ear infection and I just had some nasty sinus stuff. And I sounded like a man for about a week.
All this called for two trips to the doctor and trips to Walmart. 
She didn't even make it out of the store. She was one sleepy baby. 
 Thank goodness Lexi was feeling better by the weekend because we had to party! Her Uncle Skye, (Broc's brother) was getting married. 
I love this photo of Lexi and Chloe! I took them out to get some lunch and ice cream and they laid down in the stroller together.  They are best friends and love spending time with each other. 
 Friday, March 7th Skye and Bree were married! Lexi had fun dancing the night away. You couldn't get her off the floor!

 Lexi is always getting in to something it seems.
She loves being at Grandma's house too. She gets spoiled there.
Here she is with Coco and her fuzzy socks. 
 (getting into things!)
 We headed to one of Broc's softball games a few weeks ago and Lexi had a blast. 
I don't think we will be going back much more because 
1. We didn't get home until almost 10pm
2. Lexi was about 2 feet from a softball landing on her head.
I was so terrified when it happened. Maybe I should just make her wear a helmet. 
She hits her head enough anyway. For example, its only 2:30 and I think she has hit it about 4 times. Although 2 of those were probably my fault haha
 We are so happy that warm weather is here. We have been spending a lot of days at the park with her cousins. She loves it. I do too, but I hate that she wants to climb on ALL THE BIG STUFF!
So after nap time, I will sometimes let her play on our slab of concrete in the rocks. She has fun with it. 

 Oh and she loves bubbles!
 My parents back in KY are still freezing. So I found this a little funny.

 Lexi has a weird obsession with strollers lately. 
She loves being in them and throws a fit when you take her out. Here is was wanting to sit in it with her baby.

 Jazz season is coming to an end over the next month or so. We headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Greats house to watch a game with them. 

 Nap time.
It used to be so easy. She still takes a decent nap, but I always feel so bad when I leave the room and she is crying. It usually doesn't last long because she knows she has to go to sleep. But below, you will see there are some days that she refuses. 
Until 5:30pm and Dora is on.
They just crash. 

That seems to be my time. I'm sure the kitchen floor is dry and I should finish cleaning the kitchen before she wakes up. I have a lot I need to get done today! Including folding a ton on laundry that has been in my hallway for 3 days. 

PS: I have to say I just ordered this diaper bag two days ago and I CAN NOT wait for it to get here. I wanted this SPECIFIC print and COULD NOT find it anywhere.
Well, I did but it was over $400!
I was not spending that.  So, showing my cool sister in law this was the one I wanted on one day...I found it! 
Only $140! Yes, that is a lot but this diaper bag seems amazing. I haven't seen one bad review. I can't wait for it to get here. Seriously, if you love bags visit JU-JU-BE

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  1. Lexi is so stinkin cute. I just love her! Hope you find a new good place to live.