Friday, April 19, 2013


A few weeks late, but better late than never. 
For Broc's Birth I surprised him with Utah Jazz tickets! We love the Jazz!
His birthday was on a Saturday, so Friday morning we drove up. We did a little shopping in Provo and napped at the hotel.
Saturday we headed to the zoo to kill a few hours. Lexi was really good! We love the zoo. 
Then we headed to Broc's aunts house where they were having a little Easter party. She was also watching Lexi for a huge thanks! We love them and I know Lexi had a blast!
We were off to the game! We left about 4..and go to City Creek about 4:30..4:45 ish. The game wasn't until 7. We wanted to hit up Cheesecake Factory for a good dinner before the game.
Well...we totally forgot that it was The Relief Society Broadcast..and if you know City Creek, it is straight across from Temple Square. 
The wait was 45 min! We were totally bumbed! We headed over the area where the game was and ended up having Mcdonalds and Pizza..
TOTAL BUMMER! But as long as we were going to the game..we were okay!
Jazz WON! It was really fun. I am so glad we went.  We headed back to ST. George on Easter Sunday and spent the day with Broc's family.
It was a nice little mini vaca! Thanks babe!

At the Zoo and Game

Dear Birthday Boy,
You say you don't read my blog because you already know whats going on in our life.
Well, this post is for you! I love you very much! I am so thankful for all that you do.
I hope you had a great birthday and thanks for spending it with me.
You are amazing, kind, patient, funny, and very handsome. 
I just want to keep saying all these "mushy" things about you, but people won't read our blog anymore!
So I will end! 
Happy Birthday My Love!
25 years old! 

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