Monday, April 8, 2013

Family Photos!

 With Broc's sister in kids in town for the last week we decided to take some family photos. We only get to see them about every 6 months. We did miss you James! We hope you can come next time! Here are some of the photos we took!
Here is a cute one of my little family.
We didn't get "great" ones of us, but we are getting family photos done in a few weeks!
Such a doll! I miss her already!

 Chloe- 3
Lexi - 7 months
It was so adorable when Chloe would walk up to Lexi and say, 
" I love you!"
Madden -16 months.
He wasn't too happy to have his photo taken in other pictures.
But he sure is a stud!
 An "original" Jenkins family photo 
-James (son in law)
-Ashley (daughter in law)
Broc 25
Skye 18
Joclynn 20
Brittany 23 (I think)
 This photo wasn't even posed!
They were just standing around and I was holding Lexi and this is what they were doing!
It's all love! 
I'm in love with it!
Especially this edited version!

 Here is Madden being semi happy helping Lexi with her binky!

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