Saturday, April 20, 2013

In Memory of a friend

My heart aches today as my friends family laid her to rest. 
She has returned back to her Heavenly Father, where she is clean and perfect once again. 
I was blessed that I was able to attend her funeral. 
I hate funeral.
I hate death.
I hate crying.
I hate that her life was over so soon. 
Ashlee is the type of girl that you can't forget and can't help but like!
She was always sweet, funny, stubborn, and a good friend.

I have known Ashlee for just over two years. We worked together in two different care centers.
Nothing brings you closer than wiping old bums!
Just a few days before her passing, our little group of girlfriend decided to sign up for " Color Me Rad!" A 5k in September. We decided that day to be called the Butt Wipers ... because thats how we met each other!
Now we are "The Butt Wipers...In Memory of Ashlee Nelson"

Today, Ashlee's family laid her to rest. The services were beautiful. I thought all the stories and talks were a perfect way to describe Ashlee. She really was a fun person. 
I know that her family will see here again some day and that brings them great peace. 
I know that Ashlee is in a better place and pain free.
I know that she is perfect and whole again.
I know she is happy.
You could feel her spirit today.  
You could feel her laughing with us.
You could feel her crying with us.
It still seems unreal. 

Part of me feels that going back to work for those 3 months was so I could see you again and have those memories. 
You were great with the residents. I loved working with you..
You always made it easier.
I always thought it was so sweet that you would play Bingo with the residents on Saturdays.

My prayers go out to her family. My heart aches every day for her little Braxton. May you forever watch over him. 
I will miss you Ashlee. 

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