Friday, April 19, 2013


days have been a little longer than normal.
Miss Lexi has been crying..a lot
you have no interest in having your diaper changed or being dressed 
you have been driving me crazy...

But then of course, there are the moments when you are happy as can be
Until I look at you the wrong way or do something else. 
Then we are back where we started. 
I guess that's just parenthood
I sure do love you, Little Miss Lexi 

( I really don't know what has gotten in to her these past few days. I really think something is bothering her because she is never like this. Her new scream/cry is so sad..and slightly annoying. She has been waking up at about 3 every night and won't go back to sleep unless she is snuggled up with us. She won't go down for naps very easy anymore..but mostly because she crawls around in her crib. She has been a little sick the past few lets hope she gets better and we don't have to make a trip in to the doctor!)

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