Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Tonight all we did was pass out candy at the Trunk or Treat...
which I have to say I enjoy the Trunk or Treats better in KY because I actually knew the kids I was giving the candy to..but it was fun to see some cute costumes. I have to say, Lexi was the cutest!
When we came home we took some photos in our back ...yard? I wouldn't call it a yard because its all rocks. 
Anyways, it's something I want to do every year. It was fun! 
Broc was a Chargers fan
Lexi was Batman/girl
Tito was Robin
Ashley was a nurse? 
(I just threw on some old creative huh?)

 I had sent Broc's mom a photo of Lexi in her out fit and she asked if Tito was Robin..
that total sparked an idea! I had some green and red fabric and I put together a very sad looking cape!

 Over all it was a great night! 
And now we are sitting on the couch, Broc is feeding Lexi, and we are enjoying the Jazz beat the Mavericks on opening game of the Season...
ps: I am very excited because we are going to a Jazz game on Nov. 19!

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