Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just an update..or mostly just photos

I decided to update the blog, but to be honest I have no ideal what I am going to blog about! I am waiting for my photos to upload on the computer on my phone so I can see what has been going on. I can guarantee it is mostly pictures of Lexi.  I have 1,354 photos on my phone..but only uploaded up 200 (the most recent) I take way too many pictures!
My Uncle Donnie sent us two cute outfits. 
I love the UK one! Thank you so much! She will fit into it right around March Madness!

With Lexi, I started out breastfeeding but in the end it just wasn't working. We switched to formula a few days after we came home with her. We started off using Similac because that is what the hospital gave us and it worked really well for her. After a while we started to think, " man this is going to get expensive!" We decided to switch her Costco brand which is made my the same company. It was half the price and almost twice as much formula. It really upset her stomach. We were so excited because this is how much we were going to save in like a year! Crazy!...but now that we have to switch her back...we better start saving more money! I have started looking online for free samples and coupons so I am excited to see how much money we can save! Having a baby makes you broke!
Estimated cost of Similac a year
  Estimated cost of Costco brand a year.
 A couple other photos
 Knocked out
 My dad was nice enough to hang up my clock that I made last year!
I love it!
 I love bath time with this little lady!

 I got Lexi some new bows. You should check out this website of a local lady in St George who makes them for way cheap!

 My parents were in town for a week and they were a ton of help! Thanks! My mom deep cleaned my house and that was wonderful! Moms always do things better! 
 Look at those eyes!

 On Friday morning Lexi was up way early! We decided to go out on a walk! It was a little cold that morning, but it way nice to get out and excerise! 

 We have had this little pup for a year...
 Sunday joke 
 And to end the post, here are some cute photos of Lex. 

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