Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Photo shoot fun!

I have to say...
I am
with taking pictures of my little lady.  
I think that editing photos can be so much fun. I love learning where my flaws are in taking the pictures.
Here are some cute photos I took of her today! I need to work on my lighting because her face is washed out in a few of the, but I HAD to share! 
Enjoy this face!
First, I wanted to show you some of the before and after photos.
Editing makes such a difference. I like to go for a more natural look in a lot of the photos.
I mostly just like to brighten them and fix the colors. 

 It's so easy to take cute photos. I saw a website online that helps. 
Backgrounds are very easy. I mostly use blankets, wrapping paper, or even colorful towels that I have. 

 Pretty in pink!

 More before and after photos

 Any tips are welcome! I love my little lady so much!

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