Saturday, June 7, 2014

Welcome Maya!

Finally! Maya has joined our family. I honestly felt like the last few days of my pregnancy would never end. This pregnancy I decided to be induced. I really didn't like the idea of it at first because I have always felt that if my body wasn't ready to have the baby, then it would be a long and possibly painful labor.
After deciding to, I was so nervous for the day. I was also excited. I was able to prepare which was nice. My induction date was set up for Tuesday, June 3. 
On Monday evening I dropped Lexi off with Broc's sister, Brittany. Brittany has two kids that Lexi loves and always has a blast over there. I knew she was in good hands. 

My doctor told me that the hospital would call me sometime after midnight. I could be anywhere from midnight, to morning, to even the afternoon. After a night of waking up every hour to check my phone...(I was worried I had missed the call) They finally called me at 5:45am and asked if we could be at the hospital at 6:30. Broc and I got up and finished packing our bag and headed out. We arrived and were checked in!
I was already having small contractions when I went into the hospital and I was already dilated to a 4. So I'm sure my body was ready and would of headed into labor on its on this week if I wasn't induced. 

Labor was only 5 hours. How nice was that? I was given piticon about 7ish and could feel it pretty fast. About an hour of contractions I decided to go ahead and get my epidural since I was already at 5cm by then and the doctor was going to break my water soon. 
The epidural was the worst part. I hated it. I worked pretty good on my legs, but I was feeling full contractions and it was so painful. After adjusting the levels, I was in good spirits. About 9:30ish Broc's mom showed up to be there with us. Within 45 minutes I had gone from 5cm-7cm. Doc said we would have a baby before noon when he came in to break my water. Which by the way is a disgusting feeling! 
I had to have antibiotics for myself and the baby so we needed labor to be at least 4 hours. We were cutting it close. My nurse came in to give me my second round and said that she wasn't going to check me again until the antibiotics were finished. I was okay with that until I started to get really uncomfortable.
I kept telling Broc and his mom that I had a ton of pressure and felt like the baby was going to just pop out. I was started to feel more contractions because Maya was sitting so low. Finally she came in and checked me and didn't even take two seconds before saying, "Your baby's head is right there, lets do some practice pushing."
Practice Push #1.
"Okay, stop pushing, time to call the doctor"
Maya's head was popping right out. The nurse told me she saw a lot of dark hair.
I was getting so excited. So glad my doctor works right next door...I was ready to push.

Here is a photo between pushes.
Seriously, thank goodness for epidurals. 

 Two more pushes later...
Maya Quetzaly Jenkins was born at 11:30am
7lbs 3oz
18.5 inches long
(Dr Kvarfordt is awesome)
 I love this photo. I love the lighting and just how natural it is.
Childbirth is such a beautiful thing

 Right away we couldn't believe how much Maya looked like Lexi.

 Broc holding his newest little girl.
Broc picked out Maya's full name.  We had originally decided on Maya Rose, but a few weeks ago Broc proposed a new middle name. Quetzaly.
At first I didn't think it would stick around and we would just go with Rose, but it grew on me. Broc heard the name on his mission and loved it. 
It means Beautiful. 
 Broc's mom
 Maya was doing a pouty lip in this photo. It was pretty stinking adorable.
 Aunt Joclynn


 We were all so curious on how Lexi would do.
Over all she has done great. She has shown a lot of interest in the baby.
In fact, that has probably been the most said word at our house over the last few days. 

 I love these girls. 

 Lexi was really tired when she came to visit. It was 2pm with no nap. She just wanted mommy cuddles and I was perfectly fine with that. I missed her a lot. 

 The first night in the hospital is always long. 
People are constantly coming in, asking questing, taking vitals...
All you want is sleep.

 Chloe and her new cousin.
Chloe was so excited to see and hold Maya. She was amazed at how little she was. 

 First thing on our agenda when we got home was to take a nap!
I was so ready for that. 

 Broc and I have both been surprised at how great Lexi has been with the change. We really couldn't of asked for a better Lexi. 
The first day was hard for her, the second day was better, and the third was too.
With time and getting into a routine we will all adjust.

 Great Grandparents stopping for a visit.

 They were sweet enough to bring Lexi her very own baby.

 The first night that we were all home was probably the hardest. We were all tired. 
We went to Lexi's room to get her ready for bed. 
I was changing Maya's diaper in Lexi's room and of course Maya was crying because she was so cold.
So Lexi started crying.
We were telling her it was okay and trying to comfort her. So I pick Maya up and finished feeding her. Poor Lexi just broke down and started crying...
"My mommy"
Broc and I both looked at each other and felt our hearts break.

 Like I said before, each day will get better. The next morning she woke up asking for the baby and couldn't wait to hold her. She still cries a little when Maya cries, but with the type of cry it is, I think she is doing it for attention.  Lexi is already a good little helper and we have some fun days ahead of us.

 Over all, I am just extremely grateful. I am grateful that I can have children.
I am grateful that my children are healthy. I am so grateful that my labor was easy and mostly painless.
I am so grateful that Heavenly Father chose Broc and I to raise these beautiful little girls.

Maya Quetzaly Jenkins
June 3 2014

Happy Birthday little lady!

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  1. So exciting!!! I love child birth!! adjusting to two is hard, but I know you can do it. Maya is beautiful.