Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I can't believe it has been a week since our sweet little Maya has joined our family. What an adjustment it has been for everyone. Lexi has done so well and I couldn't of asked for two better girls. Lexi loves her little sister more and more each day. Broc was home for most of Maya's first week and went back to work yesterday. I have had two full days alone with the girls. 
The first day was a tough one for sure. I was expecting it to be. Broc left for work and our day began. 
Before Maya was here Lexi would come into our room and snuggle with me in bed while we watched some cartoons. Then we would take Tito to the bathroom and get some juice and breakfast. Then we would either go down to the basement and snuggle on the couch with more cartoons or I would shower.
Yesterday, a shower didn't happen. I finally was able to brush my teeth and wash my face by about 11am. 
With Maya here, usually when Lexi wakes up I am feeding Maya. She comes into our room and plays with her toys and were dragged in there through out the previous day or sits in bed with us. I do miss snuggling with Lexi like I used to. Yesterday was just stressful because Lexi really wanted me to hold her most of the morning, but for some reason Maya took 3 hours to finish a 2 ounce bottle. Then by that time it was time for lunch. 
After lunch, was nap time. Well I knew that the air guy would be coming between 2-4. I was praying that it would be closer to 4 so Lexi could get a good nap in. 
Lexi didn't get down for a nap until 1 and he showed up at 2. (Since when do they show up first thing?)
Banging around in the attic woke Lexi up of course. I tried to get her to go to sleep after he left, but that wasn't happening. By that time I was loosing my cool because I was tired and knew she needed a nap. Plus I really needed to get some dishes washed that in been in the sink for.... a number of days. 
Lexi had asked me to lay down with her and I really wanted to, but couldn't. I felt so bad.
What a sweet little girl. I miss my naps with her.
I told Broc that now when I snuggle Maya at night, I feel like I am cheating on Lexi. I already miss the nights that Lexi would come into our room and snuggle in bed with us. But now that we have a new born in our bed, it isn't safe for Lexi to be in there.
Anyways, by the end of the night I was determined to make the next day better. I told my self that we were going to get out of the house. I checked the weather to see how hot it was going to be. I planned to take Lexi to the park in the early morning before it was to hot. 
It worked.
Today was much better! I wanted to be at the park by around 9 so it would be really cool, but we slept a little later. (which I needed, after only 3 hrs of sleep.)
So we were at the park by around 10:30 and stayed for about an hour. It wore Lexi out for sure. We came home, had lunch, watched two episodes of Bubble Guppies and took a nap. 
After our 3 hour nap we were all happy :)
Each day will get easier and we will figure it all out! I am just so thankful that Lexi has been a trooper. I just feel that I am not giving her as much attention. I still try and hold her when I am holding Maya on the couch or as much as I can. We I'm feeding Maya I go and sit on Lexi's bed and watch her play or read books to her. Hopefully she still knows that Mom loves her!

Enough rambling. Here are some photos from our week. 
She was smiling. Lexi loves when she gets to lay next to Maya.

 We her Maya Papaya
 On Saturday, June 7 we went to Lexi's little friends second birthday. 
 She was cold

 We had a lot of visitors through out the week. Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins were some of them.
 Poor Tito. 
He has been set on the back burner. He isn't getting much attention, but still seems to be really protective. 
 Sunday, June 8th was my birthday.
It didn't feel much like a birthday with all that was going on.
Broc went to a homecoming with his family that morning and took Lexi with him.
With those two out of the house for a few hours I was able to get some MUCH NEEDED house work done.
Those dishes just pile up so fast.
and laundry
and diapers
and toys
and everything!
When they got home, and before nap time they enjoyed some cartoons together.
We really don't watch as many cartoons as it sounds like I promise.
She isn't a TV kid. 
 That evening we had the family over for a hot dog roast and cake/ice cream.
We fall in love with our backyard every time we are able to have everyone over.
 Lexi was so sad when everyone left, especially her cousins. 
She went into the kitchen and finished her cake...must of needed some comfort food
 To cheer her up, I told her she could take a bath.
This girl LOVES baths. 
She obviously couldn't wait.
I went to go get some toys while the water was running and she hopped right in.
 The next day (Monday)
Broc returned back to work.
Lexi cried and cried when he left. They bonded pretty great over the last week.
She found dads hat once he left and she felt better.
 Maya slept most of the day.
 A melt down of course.
This is why naps are so important in our home!

 The result of less than an hour nap...
crashed at 8pm.
 Maya seems to go cross eyed. Lets hope it doesn't stick

Today was a better day. Tomorrow, will be a crazy one. Brittany (Broc's sister) is being induced to have her third baby! Chloe and Madden will be coming over to play for most of the day. At least Aunt Joclynn (Broc's other sister) will be over here and we will conquer it together!
I am so happy with my family. I hope to update my blog more so I can remember things! We will see how that goes. 

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