Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jenkins Weekly!

I should be taking this time to shower, clean up, or something productive...
But I find blogging about my cute family more important! Plus, it is a lot more fun. Right now, Lexi is watching Dora and Maya is asleep in her swing. It was a long night last time, so I am very tired. I am looking forward to nap time. Maya had a hard time sleeping. Her poor little tummy has been bothering her. We think it might be the formula so bright and early, before 9am I made a trip to Walmart with both of the girls. All of us still in our pajamas. I decided to get Soy Formula to try. Lexi ended up having to do soy as well. Newborns are so tough because you don't know what is wrong with them. Everything is trial and error. Maya seems to be a bit worse than Lexi was with tummy issues. She just cries and grunts when she is in pain and it is so sad. So anyway, let's hope the Soy works!
Back to the blog, here is a bit of our week. 

Broc is such a good daddy to the girls. He snuggles his little girls.
 Lexi loves to read books. I caught her looking at a new book Grandma Great brought her.
 I am big on sleep training and kids sleeping in their own beds. I'm sure its annoying sometimes. But I believe a kid who knows how to put them self to sleep and knows that their bed is for sleeping in, are better off.
Lexi slept in our room with us up until a year almost. She started off in her crib, but always ended up in our bed. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the snuggles, but knew she needed to learn to sleep on her own. So we did the cry it out method. It worked for us. She has been such a great sleeper ever since.
We have had our set backs of course and we still let her snuggle with us or sneak in her room and snuggle wit her at times.
A little snuggle never hurt anyway.
So, I am trying to start good sleeping habits early with Maya.
So far, it's not working.
Don't worry, I don't make her cry it out. She is way to little for that.
This little stinker just likes to be cuddled.
We have tried a few naps in her room, but nothing seems to last longer than 30 minutes. 
Short and sweet. We will just have to keep working on it!

 Lexi doing her cheeser
 (horrible photo, but only one we took)
We made a trip to the splash pad with some friends.
It is good to get out of the house.
I hate staying home everyday and it is so good for Lexi to get out.
I have decided to start a daily routine...of course we already have some what of a routine, but I want one that is beneficial and teaches Lexi.
I'm not 100% sure what it is going to be yet, I am still deciding on what to do, but the one thing I know it is going to involve is getting out of the house.
10am is a good time I feel because it gives us plenty of time to get ready and eat breakfast. 
We can go out for about 2 hours and then come home and each lunch.
If you have any ideas or have a daily routine, give me some tips! I don't plan on leaving the house every day, but even just going on a walk, letting her play in the back yard, or maybe even a trip to Walmart will be that daily activity!
 With Maya tummy troubles, sometimes this is the only way to get her to sleep and be calm. She loves to lay on her tummy. Example. Last night she is so fussy and as soon as I laid her on my chest she was out in 2 seconds.
 My little Lexi. This past Saturday I told Broc I wanted to take Lexi to the splash pad to get get out of the house. I decided to try and do something with her hair. It turned out pretty cute!

 Lexi loves the splash pad.

She got up on this rock and started dancing.  
 Doing her pose

 After the splash pad we grabbed some lunch and went home. 

 Afternoon snuggles
 Sunday was Father's Day. We had Broc's family over to our home. Before everyone came over Broc went to go get a power nap with Lexi since she didn't get a nap that day. My heart melts anytime I see them cuddle.

 Then this little lady slept while I finished cooking lunch.
 Brittany (Broc's sis) had a baby 9 days after I did. 
Little Decker.
Although, little isn't the best word. 
He is a pretty big baby, pretty adorable too!
He was born June 12 at 1:10am.
8lbs 8 oz and 21.5 inches long!
Pretty much 2lbs more than Maya and 3 inches bigger!
I hope they become great friends!
 More Father's day loves/snuggles
 So grateful for Facetime.

 Giving little sis some loves

 On Monday, we decided to go feed the ducks with a friend. After we did that I wasn't ready to go home and wanted Lexi to go burn some energy. I decided to take her to a play place and just let her run.  We will probably end up doing this quite a bit.

 I am always still asleep when Lexi wakes up.
She runs into our room and says
and jumps into bed with us and then says
"a show?"
I turn one on and get a bit more sleep. This one morning I had Maya cradled in on arm and Lexi in the other.
It was perfect.

 Okay, time for a creeper moment.
We have this hole in the wall between the girls room.
Lexi had no idea I can see her through there. After I put her down for a nap I usually sneak over and see what she is up to. She is always dragging toys into her bed to play with.
I love watching her to see what shes doing, she is so funny. She will play and then just pass out! I should just get a video monitor, but this is free.
 size difference

 We went to Britt's house yesterday to let the kids play. They had not really played together since the babies were born!

 It has been a "cooler" week this week. We have enjoyed a few mornings the deck.
 Overall, I think we had a great week. The rest of this week will involve a doctors appointment tomorrow where the girls will get a PKU (Maya) and shots. (Lexi) The the week I will be getting the house ready because my mom is coming next Friday!

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