Thursday, April 24, 2014


Broc and I have not had our own home for 2 weeks now. 
It's not as bad as you might think. We sold one home and we are currently in the process of purchasing another. 
When we decided to sell our house back at the first of the year, we planned on renting for a while to save up for another home. 
Things never go as planned. We felt that we should buy instead. 
We put our house on the market and within 2 weeks we had an offer and we accepted it. 
So, we had about 3 week to decide what we wanted to do!
After looking and looking we finally found a home.
We sign all the paper work next week (May 1st)
I am super excited! Our new home will be a ton bigger, a huge fenced yard, basement, and just plenty of room for our family to grow. 
For the mean time we are crashing with Broc's parents. 

I really miss our little home. 
So many memories were made there. 

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