Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter was a blast this year. I love holidays with kids, they make it much more fun. This year, we went to a Ward party a few days before Easter and had a BBQ and egg hunt. Lexi picked each egg up and wanted to open it before she put it in her basket. 

Throwing Lexi!

 On Easter, we were at Broc's parents since we are living with them at the moment. ( In the process of buying the home!) Lexi loved her new toys and candy.

 Then we headed off to church and Lexi was adorable as always. 

 Lexi and Chloe (Madden didn't want in the photo)

 Then, after Easter Dinner we had an Easter Egg hunt outside. 

Easter was fun and I'm glad Lexi is getting old enough to have fun with Holidays. I'm grateful for the true meaning of Easter, but we will work on the true meaning of that with Lexi next year!

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