Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Parents, I need your help!

Okay parents. I need your help. Being a first time parent is tough. So far, I think we have done pretty good. Given that Lexi is a pretty good baby. Wait, let me rephrase that. Lexi can be a pretty good baby. 
This past week or so she has not been her self. I can't figure out what is wrong! It feels like I am loosing it. 

She has been extremely fussy, always wanting my attention, can't be left alone, wants to be help 24/7, always wants to eat, and always sleepy! I don't know what it is. She sleeps through the night which is amazing..and goes down rather easy, but during the day she isn't her self.

She will be 4 months on Dec.30.2012.  Here are some things I think might be wrong:

1. Is she staying full?  Maybe formula isn't doing it? Each bottle she has is usually between 5-6 ounces. At night time I add rice. Do you think its time to start feeding her some baby food/rice during the day to keep her full? It feels like I am feeding her every two hours and maybe that's why she is so fussy?

2. Is it a phase? 

3. Growth spurt? Maybe, but it doesn't explain the constant need for attention. I used to be able to lay her on the living room floor with a play mat and go do dishes..now I'm lucky if I get that done.
My house has not been clean for 2 weeks! I still have laundry in the back from over a week ago! It's driving me crazy!

I also wanted to know if any of your kids have ever been constantly sleepy. It seems the only thing that makes her happy is sleeping and eating. Maybe it is a growth spurt? I don't know. Like I said..I think we are doing well for first time parents, but these last 2 weeks or so had thrown me for a loop!

Please,throw out some ideas!
Ps: I can't believe she is going to be four months!


  1. I know I'm not a mom but I am a full-time Nanny and I know babies really well. First of all she might be starting teething. The discomfort of teething starts pretty early, about 4 months. The teethers with the gel inside them that you can freeze work wonders. Also, I know this is kind of weird to think about but really new babies don't realize that they are a separate person. They are used to being a part of Mom. At about 4 months they begin realizing that you are a separate person than them. She will in a few months start to grab your face and pull your hair to see if it hurts like when she does it to herself. Also, babies advance so quickly in their first year, she may be getting bored. They are so curious, she may just be frustrated that she can't move herself around and go with you when you get up. I would give it a little bit of time. That age really needs their naps to keep from being fussy. She might need to just fuss herself into a nap while you do laundry. The less you pick her up when she starts fussing the less she will fuss. Do you all have a baby swing? They are really helpful for that. Babies change so much so quickly, these weird little phases usually don't last too long, she will be on to something new soon. You are a wonderful mom. I know! So don't even think that!! Love you dear, good luck!

  2. Mark Turley here, I agree with the teething thought. They do get really fussy during that time. They also sometimes get a fever. It is a good time to start feeding her some baby food and rice cereal etc. Gena says she may just want her mommy. Since you've been busy with Christmas etc. Maybe you haven't given her the time she wants. Babies are very needy. Teething though makes them very fussy.

  3. Could be teething. You could try baby orajel and know pretty quick. Also, maybe she is allergic to the rice. Common allergy, I believe. Just a thought. Hope all goes well.

  4. My little one is acting in a similar way-totally think she's starting to teethe. Also, maybe your KY trip disrupted her schedule just enough that she's just adjusting back into the routine you have here? Just a few thoughts.

  5. I'm not an expert by any means but I do have two little rascals that have/are teaching me things everyday. I would say its part of a stage, babies start to get bored at this point and need new things to keep developing, maybe try a few new toys and textures but the biggest thing she'll want/need is your attention...which is okay, she needs it for her development. Which means your laundry and dishes will have to wait until her nap time or you might have to take ten minute intervals where she entertains herself and you clean. You can start to teach her self-soothing around this age so she can put herself down for naps... it's hard but will help both of you. The sleepiness and excessive feeding could be a growth spurt, babies hit a big one around 3-4 months, you did just travel so maybe her ears are bugging her from your flight? ear infection? time change from traveling? teething? really could be anything, the joy and individuality of parenthood is learning how your baby communicates things to you and it will probably be different then others. When Rosalie was little, people kept telling me Rosalie was drooling from teething so the whole first year, from about 3 months on, I told people "I think she's teething" when she didn't get her first tooth until 13 months I knew that I had been wrong and what I thought was teething was just her different stages and part of her being a baby. So I guess what I'm saying is some times you don't know what's causing something and you just have to get through it, readjust your schedule and trust your instincts. Not sure that made any sense, I have major mommy brain! Good Luck! You're a great mom!