Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kentucky Trip -short version

Well, I finally have time to catch up on the blog and share some photos of my trip to Kentucky. Although I'm not sure how much time I will have to write this with Lexi...I just took off outfit number three for today. She is spitting up everywhere! So now she is just laying in her diaper!..Which is the cutest!  Anyways, back to our Kentucky trip! I was super nervous about flying alone with Lexi, but she was wonderful on the plane! Perfect! Here are some photos from our trip!

Lexi- just hanging out at the airport stretching out before being cooped up on a plane again!
 One of the best things about being home...
my dad always cooks breakfast!

 I love seeing some old friends!
Michelle is one of my best!

 Lexi just chilling in the tub!

 Family got to see Lexi for the first time!

 10 days was too long with out my love!

 Seeing some more old friends!
 Lindsey! I remember when she was this size!
 Courtney and I got the crazy idea to make to make a rag rug for her nursery!...
it took forever! 

 We almost got it done...
She will have to finish the rest!

She is the best! I miss her all the time!
 Lexi loved Grandma!
Of course grandma loved her!
 We went to see some more family friends..
I used to baby sit this girl Alyssa..when she was Lexi's age! 
Crazy how time flies!

 The trip shortly came to an end..
We were on the plane home before I knew it!
We landed in Vegas and reunited with Broc!
Only thing is my bag didn't show up!..
Until 5 hours later! So we had to get a hotel!
We stayed at the Excalibur! 
 It is so good to be home. 

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