Monday, December 10, 2012


How cute!
Lexi loves to have her pants off and kick her legs! I am always worried that her cute little kinda chunky legs will get cold! Have no fear..leg warmers are here!
I found a NO SEW tutorial on pintrest. You can check it out here or another
It really took me about 3 minutes!
I love it! I can't wait until I get home and go get some more socks! Plus I think they will be way cuter than stockings! Hopefully I can find some better ones at Target, Old Navy, or maybe even Ross.
The only thing about the Christmas leggings below is they are a little short. The black ones you will see are the length I prefer.

The black ones (I have grey as well) are long and really warm which is great. The only thing is the ends don't roll up like the Christmas ones. So I would recommend  getting the "holiday" or "decorative" socks. 
Lexi looks adorable in these photos!

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