Sunday, October 9, 2011

What did I do!

All I could think about lately is getting a puppy. I didn't want one to big and I didn't want one too small. I found a couple dogs online that I wanted to go look at but they were to expensive. So, Saturday when Broc was out of town.... (my plan) I went to the animal shelter to look for some pups. None there really stuck out to me. Then, I went to PETCO where on Saturdays, they have animal shelters bring animals in. And there he was.
Broc hasn't met him yet, but YES! He knows that I got him. I told Broc he could name him. So far its between
1.Timon (like off Lion King) Because when he stands up on two legs he looks like him
2. A bunch of mexican names.
I love him. Everyone loves him. He is just so dang cute.
He is a long hair chihuahua :)

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