Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hair,Home, and Cowboys!

It has been a pretty good week so far. We are half way finished and I can't wait until Friday! I love the weekend. Who doesn't? Well, on Monday I was finished with my hair! So I walked into Great Clips and told them to cut it off.
It might not look like much, but it was around 4-5 inches! It feels great. Although I do miss braiding it when I'm bored, or throwing it up in a long pony tail. But, change is good!
This is my favorite part of the day. I usually get home before Broc, if it is nice weather out side Tito and I will sit out side and wait for him to come home! Then we will walk down to the mail box to get all of Tito's energy out.
Today, it wasn't so warm. It was COLD and WINDY! Poor Tito was shivering!

Finally. Pictures of our home!
I didn't take pictures of everything and we have no pictures up on the wall.
Here is when you walk in the door.
Up the stairs.
Hall way. This is taken from our door way.
Our lovely plain bed.

Master bath.
Closet is attached
Our closet.
Yay for cheap Walmart book shelf! :)

Our couch.

Sitting room.
Excuse the puppy pads.
Don't judge me on this next part....
Tito just needed a costume for the Trunk or Treat...
And he makes a pretty cute cowboy.

That is pretty much what we have been up to. What about you guys?


  1. Love the house! How exciting and fun! Tito could have definitely hung out with Rudger. :)

  2. Cutest cowboy ever! And we have the same shelf from Walmart in our living room! Ha ha. I love Walmart.