Monday, March 7, 2011

Girls Weekend in Vegas!

On Friday, the girl took off to Vegas! It was a load of fun! Lots of stories, good times, and tired feet! But well worth it! Here are a couple pictures from the trip! Enjoy!

The pictures I want to show first are my favorite! In Vegas there is the Stratosphere Hotel. On top of the hotel is a ride called the Big Shot!
You nee the needle on top? Yea that is the RIDE!
Before going up!
Going up!
Going up again!
We also got to pet the baby lion cub at the MGM Grand!
It was super cute!

Britt was so tired!

This guy was a creep.
Kiera tryin on her cowboy look!

Shopping with Joclynn

Out to eat!

The guys from The Hangover!

On top of the Stratosphere!

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