Thursday, February 17, 2011

Picture and Updates!

We finally got set up in our new house. After two weeks of pictures laying around I feel like I tricked Broc into putting them up. Since he broke a frame I asked him to put the picture in a new one...(then I said while your at it go ahead and hang up the rest of the pictures...after all you did break my frame)
It worked.
Go Ashley.

Anyways here are a few pictures of our new place all decorate. Please don't judge me if my house is a mess! I'm only human! ha
Here are two views from our huge kitchen! I love it!
We have a bar and room for a table! Which we never eat at!
But at least it looks good!

Here is Broc hooking up his XBOX!
We got cable and Internet and he was super excited!
I love our living room! It is so big compared to our other one!
It looks a little messy...but what they hay!
Remember that "sweet" fire place?
Here it is all decorated!
Here is our "Christ" wall
If you can't read the Christ board it says
"Christ is the center of our home"
I got it all the DI...So it works for me!
We have a lot of shelf space
and were not really sure what to do with it
So here are a few more pictures of what has been going on recently with us!
Meet Buck. I'm not a big fan of him. In our ward they have a ward missionary project called "Pass the Buck" So we got him the other night and now need to get rid of him...

This past weekend Broc and I took of to Mesquite, NV for a Saturday morning. We went to a buffet and I was so proud of Broc for picking a fun activity!

We took the long way home and I saw two LDS churches right by each other and thought "Yep, I'm in Utah!"
Broc grew up playing on this hill and he says it looks
like a Alligator
Cool huh?
I know, but I had to.
Broc was so happy to check out the new TV/Cable he ignored his lunch...just like a little kid who got a happy meal and won't eat his food!
If I ever get stranded on a Island and can bring one thing it would be my purse. You name it-I got it.
4 spoons
6 pens
3 fruit bars
1 hair tie
1 jump drive
2 hygiene products
1 bottle of lotion
1 wal mart bag
1 pack of empty gum
A tissue
1 bag of cough drop
Index cards
and 23 cents
I really enjoy looking at this website called Epicfail. I found this picture of the Superbowl and thought I would share it! It is funny!
I know Christmas was along time ago, but I found this picture and thought I would share it.
My niece and Santa...
Thats really about it for now! I have started my new job working at Red Cliffs Regional which is a nursing home and rehab center. I am enjoying it! I was supposed to start my first shift alone on Saturday but I got a text asking to work tomorrow...a 12 hour shift! I am super nervous! So wish me luck! I am getting nervous!


  1. Congratulations on the new home! its adorable

  2. Ashley! It looks so great! Loving the fireplace!