Thursday, February 3, 2011

Give me a break!

What a day this has been. As most of you know I have been looking for a job. In the past two days I have had three intervews. Not bad?
The first one was at a hotel. I knew they were not hiring right away so I didnt think much of it.
The second one was a toddler program and it went good. I liked how everything sounded and it would only be part time until May which isnt bad.
The third one was at a nursing home. I really wanted this one because the pay is great, the hours are not to bad, and I like it.

Well where do I start. At an interview you try to look your best...because that first impression is everything! I get into the nursing home at 10...and the lady says its not until I make a little joke and say "well, I guess I will see you at 10:30 then."

So in the mean time I run to the gas station to get Broc a snack. I get up to the register and open my wallet...and what is laying there?...
A tampon! I knew my purse was a mess goodness!
So that was it!
I was just totally in a bad mood but I tried to brush it off.
I go back to the interview and it went okay. I hate the questions...where you end up answering like an idiot.
Then I come home and take a nap and when I wake up our accountant calls and says there is a problem with my social security and needs to know how its printed on my card...and I usually keep it in ONE spot. I have no moved it in 8 months! The one time I go to get it...I cant find it!
Give me a break!!!

But...a few minutes later...the man upstairs decided to help me out!
All I wanted was a smooth sailing interview...and I got a rough one. But thats okay...he never said it would be easy!
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