Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cheap motels, cute babies, and singing in the shower

So I love when I am able to spend time with our family. We always have so much fun. Last weekend, Broc and I headed down to Vegas after I got off work to get a room because we had a homecoming to go to the next day. (and we didn't want to wake up at 6 am)
So we made a mini-night vacation out of it.We got a "ghetto" hotel room

We also went over to his Uncles that night to see his cousin that recently returned home from his mission. After that we went out to eat at the MGM Grand/Rain Forrest Cafe.

The next day after the homecoming we hung out with the family. Broc being the oldest of his cousins, this is what happens where there is 100 little boys around.
I love spending time with Chloe! (Our niece) She is such a bundle of energy and keeps going! At this point she was sleepy but awake. I turned my phone on the front facing camera where she could see her self and we started taking pictures. She loves to stick out her tongue and look at her self! I was cracking up!

Here is a video! I'm so glad we caught it on tape! So at this point it is about 11pm, and I love hearing Chloe laugh so I started moving my feet and she thought she was tickling them...she tripped and...

And the best yet! Broc singing in the shower. This is too funny!

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