Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Maya Papaya 15 months!

I haven't been on my blog in so long, I'm not sure it even exist anymore. Not that it had many readers anyway :)
My kids are growing up so fast. I can't believe Miss Maya is almost 15 months old. She thinks she is much older than she is! She likes to be like one of the big kids and try anything and everything.
Finally, about a month ago we broke her of the bottle! It wasn't as hard as I thought but still took some work! She FINALLY started sleeping all night! I was worried that when the bottle was gone she would wake up super early, but she is still sleeping in a bit which is nice since she is taking later naps. That way I can time them with Lexi's nap. (When she isn't refusing them.)

Maya isn't a big talker-maybe because she is so attached to her binky! That is our next step to tackle. After the girls are settled into sharing a room. That will probably happen in the next month or so. It is pretty cute when she goes "num num num num num" when she is hungry. Or when she is looking for me "mamamamama." 

Once the bottle was gone, we had to start a real bed time routine. We just started doing the same thing we do with Lexi. Books! Maya loves books. She will sit on your lap and just want to read them. It's actually pretty cute. I have always tried to include her in nap/bed time routine with Lexi so she is used to us reading them. Her favorites are touch and feel books and any books with flap.
 Maya is such a daddy's girl. I love it. 
 Maya is still at the age where I can throw whatever on her plate and she will eat it. Love it!
She isn't very picky. When she was first trying foods and I was trying to get her to eat more meals she was very picky. She would only eat fruit for breakfast! I would think that would get old. I think she is realizing that she eats what we give her or she is hungry! She is kind of picky on snacks though. Neither of my girls are big on crackers-unless they are cheese crackers. She will eat any fruit or veggie which is awesome, fruit snacks, apple sauce, yogurt, string cheese (which I'm not buying for a few weeks because she will eat at least 3 a day!) veggie chips, cereal, lunch meat, eggs...anything. Don't even get me started on dipping. She HAS to have something to dip everything in-which always makes a mess.This girl also loves black beans and rice! She's a keeper! I think it is so funny when she is hungry because she will go hang on her highchair or stand at the fridge trying to open it. That is how she tells me. If we are down stairs or in another room she will run back and forth into the kitchen or point to it saying "numnum" or just cry.
 Sometimes I'm too hard on Maya. I need to remember that she is still a baby and still learning.
She is just such a punk!  I'm not even kidding. She can be so sweet. She can also be a little bully.  Sometimes she thinks it's funny-but when she is chasing Decker trying to pinch his nipples...that's just tourcher. Or when she runs up to Lexi, pulls her hair and takes a toy and runs away! 
Hopefully she grows out of it. If not, we have a big problem.
Even if Miss Maya is a little punk, she is my little girl! I love her cuddles, I love her running around all day looking for trouble. I love/hate that she follows me into the bathroom all the time. Mostly she will just climb in the cabinet under the sink and just watch me...which can get weird.
I love that she is so independent and wants to try things on her own.

On Sunday during the Sacrament we asked her to close her eyes and she did it! It was the cutest thing ever. I notice she is started to take note when we say prayer and wonder what we are doing. Soon, I'm sure she will follow along. 
I love that she loves music. She has the cutest little shake!
She has her little hand motions for the songs she wants you to sing. 
I love that I know all these things about her and I get to raise her! 
I'm so glad that Lexi is her sister even if they fight most of the time!
Maya, you are growing up too fast! You are still my baby!
She will only be 19 months when Stockton arrives, so it will be an adjustment for her to not get all the baby attention. I don't want her to have to grow up to fast, but if she could learn to go on the toilet, fold laundry, do the dishes, and make lunch...that would help a ton. :)
Just kidding!

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