Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lexi Mae 3 Years Old

My little Lexi Lou is THREE!
In the last year, this girl has gotten so big! I love everything about her.
Today we had a rough day, so this post is making me feel guilty about that. I just want my kids to be happy...but mama needs to be happy too! That means just eat your breakfast, take a nap, stop crying about everything, and just listen.
Oh yeah, you're three! Those days happen.
They don't happen too much with Lexi, she is a pretty good listener. The last few days have just been lazy...especially at bed time and we have been letting her stay up way too late. Which means she sleep in our bed and wakes up way too early! Thankfully, she is sound asleep in her bed and has been for the last 3 hours.
This girl has the most creative imagination ever. I love watching her play. I love watching her dress up and go into a whole new world.

 She has an obsession with Lalaloopsys. Santa will be bringing her some new ones of course. If Lexi loves them, then that means Maya does. So...Santa will be bringing a TON of Lalaloopsys. Most of them have names.. Joclynn, Lexi, Brittany, Ashley, Chloe...and then all the others I have no idea what she is trying to say when she is playing with them. They seem to have great adventures though.
 Speaking of adventures, Lexi loves them. She is always up for anything! She loves going places- and we loves taking her places. We recently went to Brianhead and she had alot of fun. We also we to the Farm and I think she was in pure heaven. Lexi loves animals so it was fun to see her react to them all. Of course, she was with two of her favorite people (Madden and Chloe) so anything is fun with them.
 See these necklaces? Nope...they are snakes, seat belts, roads, bridges...basically anything but a necklace. She is so protective of them and is always playing with them.  When the Lalas get involved, the fun is unpredictable!

 Lex loves snuggling in our bed. I wont lie, we love it too! It almost feels empty when she isn't there. As my belly is growing bigger though, it's getting harder and harder to get more comfortable. I have kicked her out a few times.
 Lex is my little best friend. I'm never too bored with her. It's fun to watch her play. She usually has me painting her nails, putting on a new princess dress for her, dress and undressing her barbies, doing their hair, or something girly like that.
 I love this photo so much because the more I look at it, the more I realize that IT IS TOTALLY LEXI.
Lexi always seems to be happy. I think that's why when days like today are rough...they are ROUGH!
Every time Lexi had a melt down, at the end of it I kept asking her if we were going to make tomorrow better...she said yes. I hope we both can. I bribed her with going to the Children's Museum after my doctors appointment tomorrow. That helped.
When we get into the car she begs and begs us to turn on her CD. It gets annoying, but it is so cute when she sings at the top of her lungs to the songs.
I love that she LOVES getting new books from the library.
I love that she finds joy in things that doesn't involve technology! I get annoyed when kids can only be entertained by that. Don't get me wrong, Lexi loves TV and we let her watch it...but books are amazing!
She loves reading them and learning from them. Its one of my favorite times of the day with her.
We spend almost 40 minutes a day reading. I love it.
We probably spend more time watching tv, but the snuggles form that are priceless too :)
My girl is such a good helper! She has all of her little phrases that she says all day long that I can't get enough of.
"3 minutes mom"
"ok honey"
"I wuv my sister"
"Mom theres your Temple"
"SHOWAPPLEJUICESNACK MOM" (just like that, it sounds like one word!) 
She is so obsessed with the Temple and any photo of Jesus.
I love life with her. I love that she is a big sister to Maya. I love that she is my little girl and hopefully tomorrow is a better day! When I look that that photo of her covered in Ravioi I can't help but want to make tomorrow better...just to see that smile all day long!

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