Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Little Secret

Well, if you can't tell by all the pink...
Broc and I are having a baby girl! We tried and tried to keep it a secret for these 17 weeks and we did! It was tough! We wanted to share our joy! Now we can! All along I knew it was a girl! I kept having dreams that we were having a girl and I was right! How exciting! Lexis is set to join us on September, 4, 2012! Here are a few snap shots of our cute little girl! Its nice not having to call it..and it!

Its a girl!
Our little girl!
I have to admit, the 3D pictures can be a little creepy, but
in 3 weeks we will get a better view of her!
She started to smile


Looks like her brain is perfect!

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  1. I know we've already said it on fb, but CONGRATS! We are so excited for you! We kept it a secret for 15 weeks with Rudger and that was hard! Let me know if you're coming to Kentucky soon!