Thursday, June 9, 2011


On June, 8, 2011 I celebrated my 20th birthday. I had a lot of fun that day and so thankful for everything that everyone did. My day started out by Broc and I driving down to Mesquite, NV (about 30 minutes) and went to the Virgin River breakfast buffet. On the way out we decided to go bowling! What a fun start to our day. Then we had to head back to St.George because Broc had to go back to work, but the fun didn't stop there. I ended up going shopping the whole day and found a few things...(but I wouldn't mind going again this weekend) Then, that night we went over to Broc's parents house and his mom baked me a cake and we had ice cream :)
The day didn't end there. Later that night, I get a text from Joclynn (my sister in law) telling my to look on my porch...and I found the best birthday card ever...
Funny story. sorta.
"more like you "had to be there"
I was talking to Broc about how pretty the bag was and he told me that while he was in the store he picked out my bag first, then he decided to go get me a $20.00 ITUNES gift card. He decided to change it to $25.00 because it was pink and matched the bag. His words were...
"I should be a professional designer"

20 years
One last thing. Does anyone "extreme coupon?"
I attempt to slightly coupon. I was excited today when I could begin a small stock pile. Not much, but it makes me happy.
Water. 4 Juices. Mac and Cheese. Laundry Soap. Bleach.
Any tips on how to get great deals?

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