Sunday, May 15, 2011

Disneyland/1 year!

I hate when Vacation is over! Its back to life! Broc and I went to California to celebrate our 1 year Anniversary! It was a lot of fun. We went there on our honeymoon but the weather wasn't very good so we went back. What do you still wasn't great for the beach, but Disneyland was great! Here are some pictures from our trip!
The beach wasn't as warm as we wanted. We went in the ocean and it was TO cold! That didn't stop us from laying out.
Then on Friday & Saturday we went to Disneyland! The happiest place on EARTH! We were able to see Mickey Mouse! He isn't hardly there or he is hard to find so we didn't pass up the chance!
We had to go through Mickey's house to find him...
These are so fun! I love when your on the rides take your pictures!

We got soaked! It was so cold!

I had so much fun! This was my first trip to Disneyland and Broc was a pro, so we were all over the place! My feet and legs are so tired after this trip and I have to wake up at 5 am tomorrow morning!
Its been a great year with Broc. I feel so lucky to be married to him. Its been 365 days of joy! So here are 365 reasons why I love him.
Ha just kidding.
Anyways! What a great trip!

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  1. Looks like so much fun!! Happy Anniversary! I am sooooooooooo happy for you!