Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Congrats & Hondas!

First off! I would like to say CONGRATS! to my amazing husband! He was recently called to be the first counselor is the Elders Quorum! I am so proud of him. He is a great example to me and to everyone!
Second! I would like you to meet our new baby! We have been car hunting (more like looking) and we didn't want to buy on for a while because we still have a car payment. But when we saw "Rhonda Honda" we fell in love. We prayed about it (twice) and it felt right. So we purchased Rhonda!
We bought her at a used car lot for 16,000...say hello to car payments for the next 7 years. Well hopefully we can pay her off sooner!
It's not like I'm going to drive her has much as Broc, but I still look good right?

One more thing! We leave for Cali on Thursday! Disneyland of Friday! Heck yes! So I hope we have a save drive!! Our one year is on Saturday!

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