Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend, missing church..and paying for it!

This weekend was pretty good. Friday, we spent it doing nothing. We spend most of the night trying to find something to do. We ended up going to Ruby Tuesdays and catching a movie. Saturday, we slept in a little (first Saturday in a while) then we finished Harry Potter 6, and went to watch Harry Potter PART 1. It was amazingly epic! I'm so excited for the next one...but I'm really sad that it is ending. Is that lame? Ha. Then we...just playing guitar hero, went birthday shopping for my parents, and came home! We had the night off so were were excited to get a full night sleep...but we got to much sleep and slept through our alarm! I was so mad because we missed church then found out President. Uchtdorf came to our ward! You can't believe how upset I was when I found that out! Next week, we are NOT sleeping through our alarm!
Well its almost Monday, which means another week to go! But this week will be super fast! only school Monday and Tuesday! Thursday is Thanksgiving! Friday is BLACK FRIDAY! I am excited!
But what should I get Broc?

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