Monday, November 22, 2010

Just Venting

I used to get mad when I would click on someones Facebook, and it was all private. Today, I put all my settings to private. It felt good. I also deleted around 10 more friends. My update wall was just getting annoying.
I kind of want to just DELETE my facebook, but I am kind of scared of what I would do with my time. I just deleted my myspace, and it felt great. I'm just sick of people posting vulgar and annoying post. Okay, I'm done blogging about Faceboooking and how it can be annoying. I don't want you deleting me from your blog! Ha!
Have a great day! Go though your friends, and UN friend the ones that you don't need.

National Unfriend Day on Facebook. (It was November 17) This is where you delete friends that you never talk to, aren't ever your friends, or is just posting a status update every five seconds. Just because you know them, doesn't exactly mean they're your friend and you should be there friend on Facebook.

1 comment:

  1. You know, Ashley, you have a new life now and it's definitely okay to redefine your life and are a grown up now! You can get rid of your childish friends and not feel guilty. Really. Set parameters. For instance, I'm pretty much only friends with women and male relatives. No single or married men. I make a few exceptions but not many. Plus you have your wonderful blog where people can keep up with you!