Thursday, May 2, 2013

8 Months

Has it really been that long? I love this learning stage that Lexi is in. Although it can cause her to be pretty curious and get into alot of things, it's adorable!
It's amazing how much a baby can change in just a month. Some things that have come up in the last month are:
-Lexi officially hates having her diaper changed
-I'm not able to just lay her down for bed anymore. She screams and climbs all over her crib.
-She has developed a new and annoying attitude
-but now she lays and falls asleep on your chest, which makes up for the attitude! M
-Shes crawling and standing up
-She chases Tito

I have attached a few photos of Lex that I have on my phone..because I'm blogging from my phone in my warm bed as every one sleeps! How nice! Well, happy 8 months to our little lady! It sure is a blessing and privilege to be your mommy and daddy!

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