Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Fun.

Well, I can't believe the weekend is over. The week seems to go by so slow and the weekend is too fast. This weekend was pretty good. Broc took off on Friday to go on a campout with the Scouts. I took that 24 hours to CLEAN! It seems that when Broc is home I can never clean. On Saturday I had a meeting at work and came home to relax. A few hours later Broc came home! After getting cleaned up we just went to run some errands. April, a good friend from college...(best roommate ever) was in town and came by.
After wards we went out with some of my old work friends and their hubbys. It was really fun to go on a group date. We went to Red Robin at 7:30 and ended up staying until 10:30 or so just chatting. Saturday was also Broc's Dads birthday.
Over all, it was a good weekend. I am ready for the new year to come...mainly Summer...

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